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Late Autumn Herbs

2012 December 7

Oh, peeps, I just love-love-love my herb garden. Here it is, almost mid-December, and many of my herbs are still going strong.

As a cook, there’s nothing better than being able to step outside your back door and pluck fresh herbs for the evening meal. As a gardener, I can’t help but feel amazed and grateful that such a harvest can thrive in my humble yard.

If you enjoy cooking, do yourself a huge favor and plant an herb garden this spring. Plant one, no matter how small. Herbs do well in planter boxes on a mostly-sunny balcony. Some — basil, for one — grow like weeds in kitchen window sills. Herbs are easy to maintain and most have long growing seasons, providing months and months of beautiful greenery and unmatched fresh flavors.

Grow herbs. It’s the crunchy, cookery thing to do.



Italian flat-leaf parsley.





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